CIA XPSuite 控件的打包

转载自这里,试验了一下,貌似是可以的,有待进一步的检验。 // 之前都没有打包过那几个support dlls。

When creating a setup to install your application, such as InstallShield, make sure you configure the OCX and Support DLL files as self-registering so that during installation of your application, these files will be registered.  Simply copying the files to a computer will not work.


The following files are required when distributing an application which uses XPSuite 2.0

The Support DLLs:

ciaXPRegSvr20.DLL – Support file
ciaResSvr20.DLL – Support file
ciaSubClsSvr.DLL – Support file (All versions use the same DLL)

The Controls:

ciaXPButton20.OCX – XPSuite XP Style Command Button Control Version 2.0
ciaXPBalloons20.OCX – XPSuite XP Style Balloon Controls Version 2.0



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